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Special Accessories

Static Free

There has been innovation in static-free ducts because DTI has created and patented the Static Free  that allows us to use any kind of fabric in electronics and micro components industries using copper threads at the seams of the fabric duct to conduct and earth to the structure of the building any static charge generated by the friction of the air with the duct, and therefore get rid of it.


Round Diffuser for Vertical Release

  • Inner Structure. The round shape is kept regardless of whether the air equipment is on or off.
  • Materials. It can be built using any fabric and any color within our By DTI range.


Keep The Shape

Product Situation

  • The fabric duct does not keep its shape when the system is turned off.
  • It does not look good.



Strategic Solution

Ducts with Rings to Keep the Shape

  • The ducts are manufactured using a structure made of rings to Keep the Shape of the duct even when the air-conditioning system is not working.
  • It can be combined with any of the attachment solutions used by Textil’Air.
  • Air-flow and diffusion system.


To complement the system to Keep the Shape, a crosspiece is placed at the end of the duct, attached to a vertical latch with cables and tensioners to give added tension.


With these new range of products, the customer has an air-distribution network completely made of fabric, 100% washable, fit, easy to carry and rust- and corrosion-free (unlike conventional metallic systems that keep high levels of humidity).