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Light Fibers

  • They reach a weigth of up to 100 gr./sq. m.
  • They are generally made in square patterns.
  • They are great for highly demanding hygiene standards.
  • They increase the efficiency of washing.
  • They work in low-pressure systems (0.35 PCA).

Heavy Fibers

  • They generally weigh 150 gr./sq. m. and above.
  • Very tightly knit fibers that provide solid colors.
  • Ideal for aesthetic purposes.
  • No creases.

Reinforced Fibers

  • PVC coated.
  • They withstand abrasive environments, UV rays and heavy-duty work.
  • The coating makes it easy to wash the ducts using pressurized water.

Recycled Fibers

  • Made with a percentage of PET ranging from 50% to 100%.
  • Made in white.
  • Green-certificate ready.
  • With all the advantages of fabric ducts.